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Unifor Local 1459 is an amalgamated Local with mulitple Unit's that has it’s members involved in various Elected and Appointed positions that assist the membership to keep them updated with the Unionized aspects of the work force. Unifor Local 1459 has a very active Retirees group that meet once a month to get a regular update on what's happening within the Local Union.

Unifor Delegates
James McGee

Unifor Local 1459 Retiree Worker's Chapter
Mike McCue, Donna Sutherland, Ron Currell

Constitutional Delegates
Bo Vlasic

Ergonomics Representative
Mark Koziol

Excuse Committee
Todd McCutcheon, Rod McGill, Phil Tyndale

Heath & Safety Trainers
Rajinder Arora, Carlton Dinnall

Joint Health & Safety Committee
Colin Pardy, Steve Abbott

Union Awareness Trainers
Ken Brown, Brian Dias

Website Administrator
Maurice Spence 




Chrysler Etobicoke Casting Plant - Production, Skilled Trades and OE&E


Retiree Chapter - Unifor Local 1459